New armed group threatens to attack Niger’s uranium mines..

New armed group threatens to attack Niger’s uranium mines

The file photo shows Nigerien soldiers patrolling near Bosso in Niger. (AFP)

The file photo shows Nigerien soldiers patrolling near Bosso in Niger. (AFP)

A new armed group has threatened to carry out attacks on Niger’s uranium mines in protest against marginalization of the minority Toubou population.

Adam Tcheke Koudigan, who described himself as interim president of the so-called Movement for Justice and the Rehabilitation of Niger, said on Wednesday that it would target areas near the country’s rich uranium mines.

“The Movement for Justice and the Rehabilitation of Niger wishes to inform… that we will take up an armed fight to obtain our fundamental rights,” Koudigan said in a video, while surrounded by armed men, one of whom held a rocket launcher.

He also accused Nigerien authorities of turning a blind eye to environmental degradation near oil sites.

“We are on the ground, ready… and when the time comes, we will attack Niger,” Koudigan said, adding, “The government of Niger has remained completely indifferent to our more than legitimate demands.”

The armed group also blamed China National Petroleum Corporation for “making millions of dollars” by ignoring the welfare of locals.

However, a government source in the Nigerien capital Niamey dismissed the video as a “media stunt,” saying Koudigan was “insignificant and has no one behind him.”

Toubous is spread across Niger, Chad, Libya and Sudan.

Niger, one of the world’s poorest countries, is already facing attacks from Nigeria-based Boko Haram Takfiri militants and other groups near its uranium mines.

Over the past years, security has been stepped up at Niger’s Areva’s Arlit mines operated by France.

Niger provides one-fifth of France’s uranium needs.


Linda Ikeji’s about to go from the biggest online personality to a mega media mogul…

​Remember when the popular blogger, Linda Ikeji said she was planning something major? Well, she sure wasn’t mincing words when she said major.

With the 10th anniversary of her blog approaching, the blogger took to her blog hours ago to reveal her expansion plans which included Linda Ikeji Music – a music website, Linda Ikeji TV – an online TV, Linda Ikeji Radio – online radio and LIS – a project which is till under wraps.

She also shared pictures of her new office – which according to her, includes both a music studio and a TV studio.

These are not just 4 new business ventures she has rolled out because by the time, it becomes fully operational, Linda Ikeji Media Ltd might just be the biggest thing the media and entertainment industry has ever witnessed.

She held the online media by the scruff of the neck with just a blog and now she seeks total domination on the entirety of the online media space.

Read she wrote on her blog on Monday night

“Y’all know by now that I’m a show-off, so get over it! Lol. So anyway, I’m sure by now a lot of you have heard or read that I’m finally expanding my business. Yes, I am! Blogging will always be my first love but I’m finally ready to expand into other things and take on bigger challenges. For years now, people have been suggesting to me to do more, be more, gave me different ideas of other things to venture into, but I didn’t pay attention because I wasn’t ready. I like to do things at my own pace & my own time. I’m finally ready! After almost 10 years of blogging, I’m ready for bigger challenges.

So aside Linda Ikeji Blog, which you amazing readers have helped me grow in the last 10 years, (LIB will be 10 in November 2016), I’m creating four new brands under Linda Ikeji Media Ltd. Continue to see all that plus photos of my new office..*wink*

The first is Linda Ikeji TV. I’m creating my own online TV Network. And in my new office, we built a studio where we can shoot some of our programmes. Our TV shows will include reality shows, entertainment/sport programmes, health/food programmes, game shows, talks shows etc…and eventually even a series. Some of our programmes will also air on terrestrial TV.

My goal is to eventually have my own TV channel on cable but we have to create enough content before we venture into that..which is what we will do for the next few months to a year.

The second brand is Linda Ikeji Radio…but not a radio station like many have thought. It’s an online radio (at least for now) and at the office, I built a podcast studio where we can operate…and some of our shows will be aired live.

The 3rd brand is Linda Ikeji Music…it’s a strictly music website for everything music in Nigeria plus I’m also building a state-of-the-art music studio…

Then there’s LIS. Which I hope will be my biggest brand yet. Maybe even bigger than LIB. I will be unveiling that in a week or so, and I will need your massive support with this one.

So, including LIB, I have five brands now to manage…Yay! I’m so excited. This is my dream… this is everything I have ever dreamed my life would be and more and I can’t thank God enough for giving me so much grace and showing me kindness. I pray favour into your lives also. I also want you to believe that your dreams can come true. Just keep working and believing!

Having said that, I will be hiring new hands to help me make these dreams a reality and grow bigger.

I’m looking for: a front desk officer/receptionist, TV presenters, editors, producers, cameramen, entertainment/music/crime writers, Radio hosts, sound engineers, HR, Accountant, Administrative staff, customer care, marketers and even drivers as we purchased some company vehicles…

But please do not send me emails with your CVs…I most likely won’t read them because of my tight schedule. I will do another post tomorrow or next here to tell you how you can submit your CV or come for an interview with my senior management.

Newlywed Pakistani man, 27, abused a 12-year-old schoolgirl claiming the ‘devil got to him’

A newly married husband who raped a 12-year-old girl and claimed ‘the devil got him’ as he confessed to his wife has been jailed for ten years.

Pakistani national Kamran Ahmed, 27, had been in the UK less than six months after marrying a British woman when he had sex with the schoolgirl, pulling off her clothes and telling her ‘I have to do this’.

Ahmed had previously told the girl she was pretty, touched her indecently and tried to kiss her before forcibly raping her, prosecutor Tom Storey told Bradford Crown Court.

Afterwards, he said that no one would believe a child over an adult if she told someone, forcing her to carry the shame alone, which the court heard had a dramatic impact on her school work.

She was too ashamed and embarrassed to tell her Muslim family but eventually confessed to her teacher that she had been assaulted ‘in a dirty way,’ the court heard.

Ahmed, from Thornbury, Bradford, West Yorkshire, later confessed the crime to his British wife, saying ‘the devil had got to him,’ Mr Storey said. 

He was jailed for ten years after he pleaded guilty on the day of the trial and will be deported after serving his prison sentence, the Recorder of Bradford, Judge Roger Thomas QC, told him.
Mitigating, Mohammed Ramzan, said his client had also destroyed his own life.

‘The case has had a devastating effect and he is extremely ashamed of his conduct and what he has done,’ he said.
‘He will be deported back to Pakistan after serving his sentence and he will take the shame with him.’

Mr Ramzan conceded that the girl will carry the ‘torture’ with her for the rest of her life.

Judge Thomas said: ‘She was unable to take advantage of counselling because it was too painful and difficult to speak about what had happened, even in such a private setting.’
 He told Ahmed:

 ‘It is impossible to think that the effects of your crime on her will somehow dissipate in any substantial way.

‘One fears that her future years will be very badly affected by what you did to her.’

Ahmed must sign the sex offenders’ register indefinitely.

He will ‘undoubtedly and inevitably’ be deported back to Pakistan, Judge Thomas stated. 

Photos: Man allegedly commits suicide by jumping from the rooftop of a building in Apapa, Lagos

A man allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the roof top of Kamar Kazum Plaza in Apapa, Lagos to his death. We can’t confirm this report yet and the Facebook user Rabiu Biyora, who posted it didn’t say when or where the incident happened but someone in the comment section mentioned the location above. What he wrote in Hausa after the cut…*Viewer discretion advised*


Before technology allowed for recorded music, it was a pretty difficult thing to steal. You’d listen to the medieval minstral and maybe sing it to yourself after they’d left town. Heck, I’m sure that’s what they wanted. In those days, money only happened when they we’re ‘in the room.’ But then music changed…. it was something you could listen to when the musician wasn’t present.

When we entered the magnetic tape era, it become relatively easy to copy or ‘steal’ music for the first time. When I was a teenager there were a few ways of making copies of music:

Tape it off the radio: Wait patiently during the American Top 40 for your favourite song to come on, and hope like hell the DJ doesn’t talk over the top of it and screw it up. It was annoying to hear their voice each time your re-listened to it.

Tape it off the vinyl record: Have a friend who had the money to buy the record and tape record it onto your tape. We’d often do a swap – buy one record each, and tape each others – it was very give and take. A bit like the web should be – let others access your files while you access theirs. The basic economics of trade – by sharing we both had more.

Tape it off a tape: The old school double decker tape recorder – put the tape in and make another version off it.

Steal it from a music store: Heck, I’m sure some people did this, in those days it was the only way to get a perfect recording. All the other methods above had quality issues as the copies were imperfect, until…

… we entered the digital age. All of a sudden anyone could make a perfect copy, from perfect strangers. Napster…. Limewire…. Kazaar……Pirate Bay…. Youtube. Some got shut down, but the music never stopped, and the battle is still alive. It’s a battle people selling recorded music will never ever win. The technology is an organism with its own agenda. So what happens next when there is no device or host of the music?

“What – no host? What are you talking about Steve?”

20 years from now you’ll have a chip with petabytes of standard holding capacity. It’ll be attached to your body, and most likely inside it permanently. It will be an extension of our brain capacity in much the same way as our notebooks, libraries and computers are today. Except, it will record everything perfectly. It won’t just be what we interpret, it will be an exact copy and it will be inside us. Every sound, every song, every visual, every movie we ever hear or see will be on recall on demand for us to re-listen to and re-watch on demand. We only need to be exposed to it once and we’ll have a perfect copy, forever.

Will that be stealing? 

It will be difficult to police, because the technology will arrive and be implemented into ‘people’ before most industries realise the implications – especially those pertaining to copyright. When our technology merges with our biology, when it becomes part of our permanent memory and experience how can it be stopped? How will corporations even know what we are holding in our organic data banks?

The reality is that all biology and technology is built upon the concept of ‘copying’. Everything from single cell organisms, to our DNA, to manufacturing, to emergent technologies. Copying is ‘the’feature, not a bug. Any business model built on this idea that all copies are controlled by the originator is flawed. It’s a business model that worked for a blip of time for humanity during the 20th century – it was the anomaly. If any business wants to survive in the future, it should be built around the idea where things getting copied is what you actually want.